At 3:00 AM I heard a thump followed by shouting. Charlie had fallen out of bed and was crying. I went into his room, flipped on his light and untangled him from his comforter. “Owww, it really hurts!” he exclaimed as he touched his mouth and cried louder. His upper lip was bloody and had a good gash on the outside. It was already swelled up. It looked like it really hurt, the poor guy.

After we calmed him down, cleaned him up and got him a Popsicle, I told Charlie that mixed in with his well deserved crying he had said something profound. Between sobs he had exclaimed with exasperation, “It hurts, it’s not fair!”

Hopefully this is a life lesson for Charlie because it was for me. Sometimes life throws you out of bed, smacks you in the face and splits your lip without cause. And it hurts.  Yes, Charlie, it certainly is not fair.