Anybody reading this most likely knows Jodi is pregnant with our second child. Her due date was November 21st, so as of this writing she is a week late. Technically, if you go by the standard measurements using a women’s menstrual cycle, her due date should have been November 14th. Her cycle is not typical, and we know exactly when we conceived, so we adjusted the due date to be more accurate.

Jodi has been contracting fairly regularly for at least two weeks now. We’ve had a few false starts where we thought she was moving into active labor.  So basically she has been in early labor for weeks.

We have an appointment with our midwife this afternoon, which really won’t tell us much, but we’ll discuss at what point we would induce labor. At this point we’re probably going to wait until two weeks overdue.

This experience has been the opposite of our first labor with Charlie, where Jodi’s water broke at 7 AM and Charlie was born at 7 PM the same day.

So, we’re busy staying ready and hoping that our new baby comes sooner than later.