Hans Zimmer’s masterful soundtrack for the Christopher Nolan movie “Interstellar” is one of my favorites. This is a wonderful performance and video of a few select arrangements by Antonino Buschiazzo, played on a Walcker-organ at Saint-Paul’s church in Strasbourg, France. Witnessing this in person would be a treat. The entire building is the instrument.

Too many technology companies make is hard to repair and upgrade their devices. Consumers should support companies that honor our right to repair and upgrade. Technology is expensive and uses valuable materials that should not be thrown out because one piece malfunctions or wears out (like the battery). I’ve been building and repairing PCs since the late ’80s, but laptops have been much harder for enthusiasts to self-maintain. The Framework company was founded on the notion that laptops should be modular, repairable and long-lasting. The company will also foster a community to build its own I/O modules. This is a great idea that is now shipping products to the public.

Amazon’s adaption of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time is coming to your streaming TV on November 19th. This is easily my most anticipated show or movie of the last few years. The “WOT” fanbase is huge, as the epic tale has been one of the most popular fantasy book series of the last 30 years. And for those Game of Thrones fans who hated how that TV series ended, this story was completed even though Robert Jordan died before the final book was finished. This teaser trailer does not disappoint!

I echo Hank’s frustration and his gratitude. Thank you to everyone who fought on the front lines to battle Covid-19. Thank you to those that battled in the labs and clinics to get the vaccines ready and distributed. And thank you to everyone who has taken a vaccine to protect yourselves and those around you. THANK YOU for winning this fight for all of us.

Reports and evidence of UAPs and UFOs are getting the attention of congress and the mainstream media. CBS’s 60 Minutes aired their “UAP” story tonight with interviews on the various military sightings and videos of flying objects that defy explanation. They mention that the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force is preparing a report that is due to be delivered to congress and made public in June.

Ezra Klein of The New York Times published an opinion article this week about these revelations, saying that we should destigmatize studying the phenomena and push for disclosure, even if it means more public distrust of the government after decades of denials. This follows a detailed article in The New Yorker in late April about the Pentagon taking the mystery seriously.

We deserve to know what the government knows. I suspect they don’t know what is happening and don’t want to admit it.

In a big milestone for SpaceX’s Starship development, SN15 successfully flew and safely landed its first prototype spaceship. A day later, Elon Musk has said they may try to launch the SN15 again! I think they might fly this until something breaks.

I shot this short video of Sam biking yesterday with my DJI Mini 2 quadcopter.

Music: https://www.bensound.com

The number of firsts that SpaceX achieved with this Starship SN8 test will mark this as a seminal day in the history of space flight. This is a major step towards putting humans on Mars. It was thrilling to watch this live with Charlie and Sam.

I’m very much looking forward to the continuation of this journey. Go Team Space!

Updated with this amazing 4K compilation from Everyday Astronaut

And this lovely mini documentary of the launch from Cosmic Perspective:

America is officially back in the space industry lead. SpaceX launched two American astronauts to the International Space Station this weekend from historic Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39, ending a 9-year drought for America’s ability to send humans into space. This is the Crew Demo-2 mission by SpaceX and NASA, using a new Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon 2 capsule. The Dragon successfully docked at the International Space Station on Sunday morning.

Above is a zero-g tour of the Dragon capsule, now named Endeavor, by astronauts Bob Hurley and Doug Behnken.

Dragon 2 01

DM-2 Mission Patch

This is an interesting look at how modern rockets expend their fuel and jettison their stages. Saturn V. Space Shuttle. Falcon Heavy. SLS.