The following statements are true, but there are forces at work trying to convince us they are false.

  • Human rights trump religious and national rights.
  • The Earth’s climate is getting warmer, the change is outside of typical patterns we’ve measured in the past, and human activity is a significant contributing factor.
  • Evolution is an accurate explanation for the variety of life on earth.
  • Government is the source of much of what we value as a social animals.
  • Reducing taxes does not necessarily lead to economic growth.
  • Corporations are not people and should not have equivalent rights.

I would like our public institutions to acknowledge these truths and to stop arguing about them. I would like to support companies and politicians that publicly express support for these truths.

The craziness of the current political environment, with fringe candidates getting serious votes in the presidential caucuses and primaries, is a sign that a correction to the center is needed. We need to start with fighting for truth, and that includes not being afraid of calling out people who peddle in falsehoods.