I haven’t seen it yet, but it from all the raving reviews, it looks like Pixar has extended their amazing streak of fantastic movies with WALL*E, opening today. Of course I really want to see it, and will as soon as possible. But I really want to bring Charlie (who turns 4 in September) and have this movie be his first theatrical experience. Jodi and I are struggling with this because he’s probably not ready. Charlie still gets bothered with shows and movies if the material is even a bit scary or if there is some confrontation. He’ll stomp his feet, clap his hands, get very flustered and yell “turn it off, turn it off!” as he runs away. And the very nature of seeing a movie in a theater, in unfamiliar surroundings, with other people, and the loudness – either he’d be stupefied into sitting through it, or it would overload his circuits and we wouldn’t get past the opening scene.