I recently switched mobile phones to a Blackberry 8830 after using a long line of Windows Mobile-based smartphones. I’m so glad I switched. The Windows based phones lacked two essential qualities. First, they were never great phones. The Blackberry operates flawlessly to make calls, and it sounds good. It may be too much to ask, but my phone should work when I need to make calls. Second, the Blackberry’s software is solid. With the Windows phones, I was constantly messing with the thing just to keep it working. It was a pain, one that is even more evident now that I have a mobile device that works well.

So, I’m a happy Blackberry user with Sprint’s fast 3G network. For now.

The Apple iPhone is so intriguing. With a 3G version seemingly around the corner, I find myself thinking about that glorious screen, the amazing multi-touch interface, the fantasic support for Google applications. I’m not keen on having to use AT&T, but you can’t have it all.