The drums are beating. Bush and Cheney have stated that they will not pass on the Iran nuclear problem to the next president. The factions inside the administration have been debating a course of action, and reports point to Cheney and war winning out. The war machine is already staged and ready to go in the gulf. Bush has already authorized covert CIA action inside Iran. The Pentagon has plans for a three day massive strike against Iran’s military, not just its nuclear facilities.

Now its September. Like in 2002 in the build up to Iraq, the Bush administration and its allies in the media are poised to campaign for war with Iran after Labor Day (Andrew Card “you don’t introduce new ideas in August”).

A war with Iran is a bad idea. Make no mistake, bombing Iran will escalate the “war on terrorism” to a whole new level. Iran is not Iraq. Iraq’s military was a mess before we invaded. The 1991 war and the U.N sanctions had worked to deplete Sadam’s ability to defend itself or counter attack. Iran has the ability to strike back against the U.S. and our allies. They are willing and able to use terrorism on a massive scale. I fear that attacking Iran could embroil us in a mess that makes Iraq and Afghanistan look like a day at the park.

I hope hope hope I’m wrong.