Sam at the hospitalWe have had a few challenging weeks. Charlie came down with a fever a week ago Thursday, February 8th. On Thursday night his temp got up over 104 degrees. At the doctor on Friday he was tested for influenza but came up negative. Charlie was not feeling well. He had a temperature for six days. In the end his doctor said he certainly had influenza. He started feeling better on Wednesday and was his old self by the weekend. Sam developed a cough on Wednesday, the same day Charlie started feeling better, but did not have a fever. He went to the doctor on Thursday afternoon; he was wheezing and laboring to breathe. He was prescribed albuterol which we administered with a nebulizer. He was very uncomfortable on Friday, so we took him in again, and this time he was diagnosed with a double ear infection. Sam was prescribed with an antibiotic for the ears, and it would help prevent pneumonia as well.

He seemed to be improving on Saturday, but on Sunday morning he was wheezing loudly and having trouble breathing even after the nebulizer treatment. Our doctor’s office advised that we take him to Children’s Hospital. I’m writing this from the emergency room. They are testing Sam for Flu and RSV, a respiratory viral infection. They are going to do chest x-ray to look at his lungs and to see if his heart is enlarged.

UPDATE: The x-ray shows that his heart is probably enlarged and the lab tests are positive for RSV. Sam is being admitted and will see a cardiologist tomorrow (today is Sunday).

UPDATE: Today is Monday morning and Sam and Jodi had a restless night in the hospital. Sam was given oxygen while he slept and he needed nasal suction numerous times. He’s not eating as much as we would like due to the congestion. We’ll see the doctors this morning and get an update. Charlie’s Grandma Sue is coming to the house to play (Thanks Sue!).

UPDATE: Monday night: Sam did well today. He was eating this afternoon and his oxygenation was holding fairly steady. And he’s a happy little guy as usual. This morning his doctor said we should expect him to be in the hospital until Wednesday or longer. He had an echocardiogram this afternoon to see what is causing his heart murmur and enlarged heart. As we expected, he has a VSD — a defect where the muscles between chambers hasn’t completely grown together. Sam has thrived in his first 12 weeks, so there isn’t anything to do at this point. Most VSDs close over time and we’re optimistic. Hopefully Jodi and Sam have a peaceful evening.

UPDATE: Tuesday afternoon: We’re home! Sam had a very good night and morning so they let us come home today. We’d like to thank everyone who sent their wishes and prayers, and especially Sue and Dale, and Kris, Dave and Conner who helped out at the hospital and with Charlie at home.