We are finally starting to get some real information about the Bush Administration’s actions regarding detainee treatment in the “War on Terror.” This blog post describes the recently declassified JAG reports on the DOD’s change of policy regarding interrogation, specifically of detainees at Gitmo. Sadly, this new information isn’t all that surprising – it just confirms many people’s suspicions. The Bush Administration wants to do as it pleases regardless of the Geneva Conventions, the Constitution, U.S. law or even the armed forces own policies. This is why the founders of this country demanded checks and balances – because in times of stress leaders can go overboard. I believe the Bush Administration is trying to protect us, but they are going about it the wrong way. We need to keep the high ground and do what’s right, not what’s easy.

In a related note, the Administration has now changed their catchphrase describing the war. It is no longer “The War on Terror,” but the “a global struggle against violent extremism.” I think we should be even more specific: we’re fighting Islamic Extremism. I think that we need to get past the political correctness of not naming names.

The Islamic communities around the world need to recognize this and help to fight from within — if they don’t and this trend of violence continues, the natural reaction will be increasingly to punish the Islamic peoples in mass to get at the bad seeds. And the many stupid people on the Earth will start to take matter into their own hands without the ability to distinguish between peaceful Muslims and the extremists.