I switched to a Mac a year ago as my main work system. I choose a MacBook Pro 15″ over the MacBook Air because I needed the Ethernet port, wanted the ability to upgrade RAM and thought the optical drive would be useful. I don’t find the MacBook Pro to be too heavy in my bag, and I find the 15″ screen on a laptop to be ideal for working.

Mac OS X is a fine OS, but I don’t find it to be better than Windows 7 in any significant way. Both operating systems are good, and each has its advantages, but the differences are relatively minor. I could switch back to Windows 7 without any regret. In fact, I have Windows 7 loaded under BootCamp, and have Parallels 7 so I can run Windows in a virtual machine from OS X.

The MacBook Pro really shines as an integrated laptop and OS. I still haven’t seen any other laptop that approaches the build quality of the MacBook Pro. This thing is solid. The keyboard and trackpad are perfectly paired. The battery is good, although I have had some issues using my favorite browser – Google Chrome – while on battery. All around, the MacBook Pro is the best laptop I have ever used.

I’ve been using Android as a mobile OS since the Google G1. I use the iPad 2 for a tablet, and really like it. I need to keep tabs on all the major desktop and mobile systems, so using an Android 4 phone and iOS 5 tablet makes the most sense. I’m not sure what I’ll do when Windows 8 comes around, but I’ll need something. I’m thinking a convertible ultrabook/tablet would be nice.