Notes on the origins of the DeToffol surname in America.

DeToffol or De Toffol is a family name originating from the village of Toffol in the municipality of Vallada Agordina, in the province of Belluno, region of Veneto, country of Italy. This area was once part of Austria and the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia until 1866 when Austria transferred the territory to Italy after losing the Austro-Prussian war.

Fortunato DeToffol (b. 1847) and Maria DeToffol (Da Pos) (b. 1854) were from Vallada. Fortunato was a leading tailor in the district, teaching both men and women the art of tailoring. They had nine children: four sons and five daughters. Fedele Silvio DeToffol was their seventh child and was born in September of 1886.

Fedele immigrated to the United States in 1907 and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1942 while living in Duluth, Minnesota. Fedele (aka Fred) and his wife Maria (aka Mary) DeToffol (Carollo) settled in Lockport and Joliet Illinois, with their five children: Fred Jr, Leo, Ines, Betty and Norma.

Fred DeToffol, Jr. married Anne Reshak and had two children: Gary Frederick DeToffol and Charlene Anne Pope (DeToffol).

Gary DeToffol married Barbara McGowan and had three children: Dawn Wildermuth (DeToffol), Scott Frederick DeToffol, and Jeff Andrew DeToffol.

Scott DeToffol married Jodi Stegmeir and have two children: Charles Frederick DeToffol, and Samuel Paul DeToffol. They reside in Minnesota.

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